ALSTOM (erstwhile GEC ALSTOM) the pioneer and acknowledge leader for fans in India introduces GPN/BVN/ BVA series fans. These fans are backed by extensive knowledge of design and application engineering of last 5o years of India's largest manufacture of fans and aided latest manufacturing facility using CNC machine tools.
The products included in this catalogue are available off the shell from local dealers/ godowns located throughout the country.
The plant is certified by BVQI for ISO9001 quality management system.
SN series (60/C supply) fan is certified by CSA for NRTl / C making sutiable for North American and Canadian markets.
CE marked fans complying to EU regulations suitable for European market are available.
Industrial Ventilation
Large Kitchen Ventilation
Transformer Cooling
Evaporative Air Cooler
Condenser Cooling
Controlled Air Movement
300 mm to 915 mm diameter
Volume flow from1200 m3 per hour to 28000 m3 per hour.
Static pressure upto 150 pa (15 mm WG)
SN series fan approved by CSA for NRTL / C marking as required for North American and Canadian markets are available.
CE marked fan available for European market.
Extruded /pressure die cast shell with provsion for accurate positioning of impeller assembly to derive best air performance under static pressure.
Unique fastening system with improve rigidity.
300, 380, 450, 610 & 915mm diameter
4,6,8 & 10 pole Motor .
230 V/ 50 Hz / 1 Ph.
400 V/ 50 Hz / 3 Ph.
115 V/ 230V/ 60 Hz / 1 Ph.
230 V/ 460V/ 60 Hz / .3 Ph.
Available installation options :
  Ring Mounting- High air volume suitable for FID condition as standard.
  Diaphragm mounting - High air volume required under static pressure -optional
Totally enclosed air over type squirrel cage induction motors specially designed for minimum power consumption, to cater desired fan characters,Motor are provided with following features.
Class B insulation (Class F - optional)
Voltage / Frequency Variation
- Voltage Variation ±10%
  - Frequency Variation ± 5%
Temp.range : - 40°C to 50°C
IP54 protection (IP55 optional)
Tropicalization treatment
Permanent lubricated double sealed bearing with expected L10 life of 40,000 hours.
Ventilation implies fresh air supply or extraction of air. The rate of ventilation conveniently measured in cubic meter per hour should be sufficient to satisfy the following requirements.
a) Extration of Air
b) Supply of Fresh Air
c) And a combination of extration and supply