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Ex. Fans & Flame Proof
2 POLE : KF90L - 0.55KW
    KF315M - 132KW
4 POLE : KF90L - 0.37KW
    KF355M - 200KW
6 POLE : KF90L - 0.55KW
    KF355M - 180KW
8 POLE : KF90L - 0.37KW
    KF355M - 150KW
                    Flame proof

RATING         l    IS : 325
DIMENSION      IS : 1231 (FOOT)
                        l     lIS : 2223 (FLANGE)

Certification & Approval
Certified by Central Mining Research Institute (CMRI), Dhanbad, Zharkhand for Gas Gr-I, IIA & IIB.
Approved by
Director General of Mines Safety (DGMS), Dhanbad, Zharkhand.
Chief Controllerate of Explosive (CCE), Nagpur.
Directorate General of Factory Advise Services and Labour Institute(DGFAS & LI), Bombay.

Flameproof motors conform to the following standards :
Enclosure : IS 2148
Performance : IS3682
  : IS 325
  : IS 8789
Dimension : IS 1231
  : IS 2223
Protection : IS 4691
Mounting : IS 2253
Cable Termination : IS 4821
Flameproof Environment

An Explosive atmosphere is one where mixture with air under atmospheric conditions of flammable substances in the form of gas, vapour or mist exist in such preparation that may explode due to excessive temperature, arc or sparks.

Flameproof motors are manufactured with an enclosure constructed in such a manner that any explosion inside is not capable of lighting an explosive atmosphere outside the enclosure.


Hazardous areas have been classified into three zones as follows :

  • Zone-0 in which an explosive air-gas mixture is continuously present or present for long periods.
    (N.B. - no. Motors may be used in Zone 0.).
  • Zone 1 in which as explosive air-gas mixture is likely to occur in normal operation.
  • Zone 2 in which as explosive air-gas mixture is not likely to occur in normal operation & if it occurs it will exist only for short time. By implication an area other than zone 0, 1 & 2 is deemed to be a non-hazardous or safe area.

Temperature Considerations

Ignition Temperature

The minimum temperature at which a gas, vapour, mist ignites spontaneously at atmospheric pressure is known as the Ignition Temperature. As the gases and vapour encountered in / industry have a wide spread of Ignition Temperatures, it has been agreed internationally to group together those which lie within certain temperature bond.

The classification of these Temperature classes is detailed in Table 1.
Table 1
Temperature Class
Temperature Class Maximum Surface Temperature (°C)
T1 450
T2 300
T3 200
T4 135
T5 100
T6 85
Supply Voltage & Frequency

Motors can be wound for any Voltage from 200V to 600V and for either 50 c/s or 60 c/s frequency with preferred voltage of 380V, 415V, 440V, 525V, or 550V with 50 c/s frequency.

Motors are suitable for operation + 6% voltage variation and +3% frequency variation with permissible combined variation of 6%. Motors may also be manufactured for higher Voltage/frequency variation on request.